Calvin’s Challenge 12 Hour Team Time Trial Relay – Spring Field Ohio – 05/02/2015

CCteam The First Saturday in May George, Anthony, Joe and Rob traveled to Springfield Ohio to compete in the Calvin’s Challenge 12 Hour 4 Man Team Relay Race. We were the only entry in the 4 man relay event this year.

We had an early AM Start time and spent the day with mostly sunny conditions and little to no wind until later in the day. Around 3 PM the wind picked up and we struggled on the back section of the late afternoon loop to keep from getting blown around. Both the 50 mile and 7 mile loops are flat with a few rollers. The condition of the pavement was a mix of grit and some potholes. The race organizers and volunteers did a great job of helping riders and keeping us safe on the course all day. Would highly recommend anyone who want to try a 12 hour race or dreams of qualifying for RAAM try out Calvin’s Challenge.

The race organizers have had a tough time getting results sorted for the 300+ racers that showed up. We were able to confirm that we won and based on the mileage provided are sitting in 3rd in the record books.

I would like to point out that 1st and 2nd place in the record book are the same team. Greyhound fielded 2, four man teams for the race in 2012. This probably allowed them to have 2 riders on the course at all time working together. This is to my knowledge the only 12 Hour Draft Legal Race in the US.

Not making excuses for our performance quite the contrary. We are technically the fastest 4 Man Relay Team that has ever ridden the course!

This was a great event and we are contemplating bringing more teammates with us to next year’s race and trying the century challenge next.

As always thanks to our sponsors for their help making these races a reality and our families that support us in our race efforts. record-books

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