Cold Stream Spring Circuit Race

11076274_1611631019049775_1659877818677886897_nFirst race was a Cat 5 and first real race. A lot of things coach said over the phone went out the window once the whistle blew. The pace high and looked for Ismael my team mate to catch his wheel moving through the field. Bridging gaps became a task due to groups not working together. After halfway through the race jumping on random break always caused pacing myself and settle into 11th.

The second race was a Cat 4/5 in which the field was larger. Once the whistle blew the scramble began. Lots of time was made up in the corners but lack of fueling and hydration lead to bringing up the rear. Many pulled of course but CKW Racing continued to the end. Jermal first two races of the season in the books and back to training for more events.

A big thank you to all sponsors and the team.

Lots of lessons learned but number
#1 listen to coach.

#2 line up in the front in the beginning of the race.

#3 warm up properly

Big thanks to Positive Performance Coaching, CKW and Outdoor Ventures for having my wheels in and bike tuned for this event.

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